Body Mapping Group for Women

Kinergy is starting a Body Mapping group for women this May. Anybody identifying as woman - whether cis, trans or non-binary - is welcome. This is a closed group for 4 women. It is open to new as well as former Kinergy clients. This first group is already filled and will be running this May and June on Thursday afternoons. The group therapists are Annette and Jess. Future groups are planned.

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For anyone reading this, if you need help, if you have experienced trauma or are experiencing trauma, and would like some help, to talk to someone, you can either private message me or contact Kinergy direct 💜

This Xmas ❤️

Kinergy is a wonderful organisation who help both women & men in respect of domestic abuse, sexual assaults & other related issues. This year they have worked incredibly hard to make a lot of their counselling available on line so that it is more accessible than ever to anyone who needs their help. If you are not sure what to gift someone this year for Xmas or if you are looking to do something a little bit different, then please think about this supporting this charity ❤️

It can happen to anyone of us 💜

It is not gender specific...

Coffee morning dates 💜

A list of coffee morning dates for anyone who would like to use the Kinergy service and also for their family & friends ... For support & socialising.


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I am so very proud to have been given the opportunity to be an Ambassador for this amazing charity organisation 💜


Reclaim your body workshops available

Please contact me for details 💜

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