When I was asked to create a website for my new women's classes, I knew I wanted to create something that was a little bit different 🙂..... so.... here it is! It is work in progress still.. but I have now laid the foundations! I hope you like it, because it has been created with love!

What to say about me.. who I am... I was trying to think really hard about what information I wanted to share with you about me, what would be relevant, what would be good to know and just because... thought process done, I would like to introduce you to me...

The first thing I should say is that I am a trauma survivor... and I also have fibromyalgia... it is said that you shouldn't let what you have happen define your life... and this is true... but it was because it did define my life to a certain extent, that has led me to be able now to offer my women's classes to you.. I wanted to create a workout exercise class that was gentle enough and to help with panic attacks and mental health, post traumatic stress and other issues, a relaxing physical workout, but which could still be adapted to be challenging for thr ladies who like a challenge and so it could push us for helping us to learn how to be more resilient and to learn to work with what we have, as well as being a different take on strength and conditioning and which could also be used for general fitness and mobility.

I am sharing, on the next page, some photos: a couple of me (I wanted these to be a little bit different too!), so you can see who I am.. after that, what is there to tell? Oh yes, as you will see from the photos... I am learning to scuba dive (which is amazing) and I have a passion for Irregular Choice shoes...

My name is Adrienne and I was a Purple Belt in BJJ when I started this website💜 I am now a Brown Belt.

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