There is a Stretch & Roll Exercise Class suitable for all women... for general fitness, for Jiu Jitsu strength & conditioning, for empowerment, for fast paced workouts or for slow relaxing ones, for mindfulness, for cardio, for building resilience, for gaining self/body confidence, for helping with panic attacks, for helping with post traumatic stress, fibromyalgia friendly, for helping you reach your goal, for mobility, and for lots of other issues.... if you have a particular issue or something you would like to aim for, please contact me so that your session can be tailored for you 💜

There are class sessions every Thursday where you can pay as you go, or you can book onto one of the 6 week/10 week session challenges. Or, if your circumstances are that you cannot make the Thursday class, mobile in your own home sessions are available and I also have some City-central location venues that I use for 1-2-1/small groups training. 




What to bring to class? Well.. a yoga mat (if you have one, but don’t worry if not) and yourself! 💜