And welcome to my new Boutique Vintage page.

Since reclaiming myself, I have found, rekindled my love of all things cute, vintage, retro, one of a kind, recycled, upcycled, past eras, etc. These include things like fashion, exercise routines (my Stretch & Roll workout is based around this), household items, I think you get the picture 😊

So to embrace this, I have designed this new page, for adding articles & photos of my own vintage style and for anything that I see along the way.

But it's also your page too. Because I'd love for you to get involved in this. I'd love to see your vintage photos, of the style that you've created for yourself, or maybe you are feeling stuck and you would like to have some help in reclaiming who you are.

So please get in touch, you can email or message me via the website 💜

A photo a day is good medicine

I never used to think so. I always used to be the one behind the camera or hiding away. There was a time when I couldn't even look at myself in a mirror. 

But then something changed.

Just like a barometer can tell us what the weather will be, if we want to know, I decided that at least once a day I would try to take a photo of myself in what I had chosen to wear that day. 

It's not about vanity, it's not about obsessing, it's not about wanting to be perfect. It's about me being me and allowing myself, who I am from head to toe, on the outside and letting how I feel that day show through. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul & a smile a day.....

I love colour but I also love black & white. I love light and I love shade. 

A photo a day is good medicine. Why? Because it can tell you a lot. Try it for a week, as a challenge, see what happens 💜

Friday flowers

Black & white photo of me today. The flower in my hair is a line green/neon yellow colour, I am wearing a navy crochet shrug over an orange sleeveless top & my jeans. Black vintagey sandals adorn my feet. My hair is in that in-between stage! It's not short cut anymore (due to lockdown) but it's not long either (yet). I'm torn with my hair. It's a natural salt & pepper grey colour now, and looking at some old photos, my hair has been all lengths and looking back, I've managed to make each length work for me. I think it's going to take a while before I will feel ok to go back to a hairdresser's due to all the restrictions that will be in place...and I'm debating on what length to go for when I do. But for now, I'm using this opportunity to indulge my love of flower hair grips 💜

Social Saturdays..

Here I am in my home studio room. This is my space, where I get to think & create 💜

The Sunday Slipper Shuffle

This is mine.. one of my favourite dresses, yes you can still dress up on a Sunday!... Complete with my lovely slippers ❤️

What's your favourite outfit/slippers combination? 

Brushing the cobwebs away 🕸

I love that I can still dress in my vintage style when I do my own workout routine at home 😊

This makes the list...

On my page because it's something I'm incredibly proud of 💜 29 years today I married the love of my life. It's not been all plain sailing, we've had to weather some terrible storms (outside of our control), but we've stuck together like glue. 

No, we did not have a white wedding (!) but I love this photo.

Sunday snapshot 💜

Sometimes it's good to take time out for ourselves 💜  That also includes creating an on line Wellness Plan for a lovely lady 💜

  • Saturday, sat, in between the showers. Dogs, all animals, can be the best friend/s that you have... When you're feeling sad, when you're feeling blue, they also share your joy & happiness 💜

  • Editorial... Changing who I am & being myself all in the same moment 💜

  • And here is me in a splash of colour... Feeling whimsical... Most days now there is a flower in my hair 🌺