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15. Apr, 2022

Hope your Good Friday morning is as super chilled as mine is today 🧘🏼‍♀️

12. Apr, 2022

Give yourself some space, some room, allow yourself to go at your own pace. It works! 😊

10. Apr, 2022

are for house coats (glamorous dressing gowns) 😊

I never imagined I would ever love such things, but as I've got older, and with a new appreciation for life & where I am currently, & having embraced the wonderful world of colour, this is generally now how I like to be on a Sunday. Moving at a slow pace, catching up on my favourite shows on TV, sitting for a while to rest.

It's all about finding your "thing" and making time to enjoy doing what you do 💜

9. Apr, 2022

Could the lovely lady Carol who messaged me this evening with your enquiry about my class please get in touch again to confirm your email address please? I have tried to reply to your message but it is saying that your email address isn't recognised, so I am unable to get back in touch with you 

1. Apr, 2022

So last night's class session was the last one for me to teach at the age of 49!!! Next week's session will be taught by a 50 year old me 😃😊 How does that make me feel? Grateful to be alive right now, grateful to still be able to do things like this, grateful for so many things. What do you feel grateful for? What is in your life that you are so grateful to have? It can be big or small, if we look close enough, there is always something 💜