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25. Apr, 2021

My Bookings List is now open for new ladies wishing to join my class in July 🌸 The class is for building confidence, learning to work with your body, not against it, for wellbeing, healing & trauma recovery as well as for general mobility, fitness, building resilience & for strength & conditioning 🦋

24. Apr, 2021

.. mermaids are not always blue & green & gold & silver, they can be pink & purple too 💜

19. Apr, 2021

Look at this picture... What do you see?

Does it feel like you've run out of time? Or that time has gone too fast?

Now take this same picture and turn the picture up the other way. Now what do you see? 💜

14. Apr, 2021
14. Apr, 2021

Donating to a good cause doesn't need to cost a fortune or the Earth 💜 it can be a small donation, it can be little and often, or a one-off, it can be £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or more. But whatever you donate, means the World to that charity or organisation.

Here's how I chose to donate today 💜 I'm a little donation person. Partly due to my budget & partly because sometimes I feel, the little things get overlooked. I also like that my £5 can go towards making Kinergy counselling more accessible to people, not just in person but on line too. 

As one of Kinergy's ambassadors & feeling so proud to be one, I also like to invest in their amazing services that they offer. They invested in me when I needed their help, & it's something I will be truly grateful for. They were able to offer me a safe space to talk about things which are so incredibly hard to talk about 💜