4. Jun, 2022

How to be a woman of all seasons...if you want to 💜

I've had my colours done, so I should be just primarily one season. Except.... the more I go into this, the more I find myself gravitating to want to be a woman of all seasons 💜

Why all seasons? Because I believe we all have different facets to ourselves. It's true that some days we may lean more towards one facet (or season) than another, but I also believe that in terms of keeping ourselves grounded, we need balance and perspective. And it's only by truly embracing all four seasons that we can have that.

Some days I feel more Spring like, bright and twinkly and full of renewed optimism, other days I crave calmness and elegance and want to embrace my curves. Other days I feel my fiery nature coming to the fore, along with wanting to feel warm and cosy and comfortable. And then I have the days where I like the contrast, of being more striking with my prints and patterns and playing with my love of all things art deco.

It's also true that I want to be a woman 💜 I identify as a woman. I am not gender neutral. I believe that everyone deserves the right to choose how and what and who they are. For me my choice is to be the girl and woman who I was born as and who I am and who I want to grow old into. 

It took me a very long time after my own attack to be able to identify as anything. For a while I felt like nothing, and then I felt like all of the wrongness that I deserved the pain. I did the whole not eating to make myself sick to take away my curves and to melt away into nothingness. I did that so much so I couldn't make myself sick any more and so it then became about the self cutting, the carving hollowing out of my identity.

I will never ever truly be able to pinpoint the moment when everything began to change. It feels like it was a culmination of new thoughts and feelings and realisations and a lot of work on myself that I did for myself, helped along the way by some amazing people.

Perhaps that's why today I celebrate who I am and who I have become. Me, my very own person, someone who still has a "wobble" from time to time when triggers trip me up, but these days yes I might stumble, yes I might fall, except I can get up more easily and nothing keeps me down for long.

I am not living for a moment, I am not living for a day, a week, a month, a year even. Instead I want to live in every season. To flow through and with nature. To be able to notice and experience all the goodness and to be able to weather the storm. 

If you too would like to rise to the challenge, if you too would like to see how you can be a woman of all seasons, please get in touch and I will teach you how 💜