12. Jan, 2022

I love the person that I am today 💜

I love the person that I am today... This doesn't mean that I didn't love myself yesterday or the day before or when I was much younger, or before my trauma or during or after it (as I have now come to realise), it just means that I have made the decision to acknowledge the love for myself that we sometimes don't voice.

COVID finally caught up with me just after Christmas and last week/beginning of this week was not how I actually intended to start my New Year.

But I listened to how I was feeling, I trusted my intuition, my instinct, I have taken time to rest and to spend time to re-energise. 

I showed love to myself and compassion and understanding for not being able to do everything I would normally do in a day. 

I showed love to myself and time to convalesce.

Spend time on yourself, allow yourself time and space to heal from anything that you may be going through.

Know that you are worthy of being loved and of love.

Find your light within.

Love the person that you are today, in the moment 💜