26. Dec, 2021

Try a different perspective 💜

Have you tried healing and may be found there is no shift? Do you may be still feel stuck? Or unsure of what to try? PTSD is a struggle. I know, because it's what I had and still have, to some degree. 

It all though comes down to what coping strategy will help you the most 

Don't be afraid to try something different, if what you try first time or second or third, doesn't seem to be working. All of our thoughts and feelings are individual, just like our healing, the time it takes, the pattern of healing, what is right for us. 

I struggled to begin with, massively, I tried lots of things, some did not work at all, some I tried initially but then put to one side until I felt ready to try again, other things just seemed to click and I made them a big part of my healing process 

If you'd like to find out more about what I tried or if you need some help in that respect, you can always reach out to me on my message page 💜

There are two things I would like to add...if your body responded to something that happened in a way that is not how you wanted it to respond, try a different perspective. I saw this phrase image come up on Instagram. It was relating to something different but it's also very relevant to PTSD and sexual assault; and, for 2022 I will be opening the doors again for anyone who would like to do some trauma healing work.