23. Sep, 2021

This is lovely 💜

Tonight I welcomed Sarah back into class for her second week following the 18 month or so Covid Pandemic! It was so great to see Sarah, to know that she was keeping safe and well, and it made me feel happy to know that she knew there was a place available for her in class for when she wanted to come back in again.

When the ladies come into my class I always tell them to work with their bodies, not against them. Another words, celebrate what you have, not what you don't have. That is leaning into Joy.

I encourage the ladies who come into my class to go at their own pace so that the workout is tailored to them. This means listening to yourself and focusing on mindfulness and it also means trusting your intuition.

I also ask the ladies in my class to focus on where they are in that moment for that hour in class. Or to put it another way, to align with their soul 💜