20. Aug, 2021

The 5 Point Challenge 💜

My challenge to you for the day 💜

It's a challenge I accepted for myself too!

These are mine, what's yours?

5 things I have achieved:

A good strong marriage;

Two amazing children;

A gorgeous home;

Work that I love to do;

My Stretch & Roll classes & my jiu jitsu 💜

5 things I love about me:

I am calm & collected;

I am passionate;

My quirkiness;

My eclectic style;

My superhero hard-working, reliable & persistent powers 💜

5 things I love about my body:

That it's asymmetrical;

That it's got me through some really "shitty" times;

It never fails to amaze me;

That it's all natural;

It allows me to do the things I do each day, right now, in this moment 💜