17. Jul, 2021

Reclaiming 💜

One of the hardest things, for me, after my trauma, in respect of my PTSD, was allowing myself to "uncover".

I can remember my "urgent' need to wear the most shapeless baggiest cardigans, tops etc., possible, and to not ever allow any part of my skin access to the outside World.

It felt necessary at the time and it was exhausting!

A lot of PTSD is exhausting.

I've never been one to have lots of "boob" or my knees on show. I believe that every woman has a fundamental right to dress appropriately for whatever the occasion is, and by appropriately I mean that we all get to choose what we feel is appropriate or not, it's not for anyone else to decide for us.

For me, for my style, I've always been drawn towards pretty, flouncy, eclectic fashion, preferring to have a modest neckline due to my work and also my leisure activities, and wanting to keep my slightly more lower more revealing necklines for date nights with my other half. But that's just me 💜

Today, the sun is shining 🌞 and it's set to be a glorious weekend. Which is why I am embracing one of my more lower necklines. We are women and we have "boobs", of various shapes and sizes, small, medium, large, just the one (mastectomy), none (double mastectomy).

So today, I am choosing to elebrate my cleavage.