6. May, 2021

Faith 💜

I believe in the power of mermaids 💜 They were there for me when I needed to know how I could manage to make it through the day, they showed me the way.

My little collection of mermaid cards, chosen to reflect how I wanted to feel. Being able to keep moving forward, being able to rise to the challenge, knowing when to rest, to sleep, allowing myself to feel pretty. I owe them a lot and even now they remain within my inner circle. They are my closest friends. I don't need to see them every day but I know that when I need them, they will always show up for me.

It's hard sometimes in this World to know who to trust and what to trust. It's even harder sometimes to be able to believe and to allow yourself to believe in something, but when you do, that's called faith.

To have faith is to have hope. To have faith is to know that things will get better, in whatever shape or form that might be. To have faith is knowing that even if it is something you cannot change and you have no control over, that you have tried your best with whatever it is and that that is worth so much.