30. Apr, 2021

Embracing The New You 💜

I have new curtains! And I'm so excited about it! That may seem like a really odd thing to say.

The thing is, the last pair of curtains that adorned this window have lasted me for years and I am truly grateful for everything they did for me.

They kept me safe and hidden from the World when I was in not such a good place. They allowed me to close things off as well as open them up so that I could see the World again.

And for all of that I have loved them dearly. They have remained a constant in my life and they have stood the test of time.

That though is what makes this new pair of curtains so special. Fresh and bright, keeping me snug and cosy, but also allowing me to let the light in when I want it to. New growth.

It's my way of embracing the new me. You see, I've changed. I no longer carry such a heavy load. I feel much lighter these days. I have found my passion, interior design for the soul 💜