14. Apr, 2021

Be a superhero 💜

Donating to a good cause doesn't need to cost a fortune or the Earth 💜 it can be a small donation, it can be little and often, or a one-off, it can be £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or more. But whatever you donate, means the World to that charity or organisation.

Here's how I chose to donate today 💜 I'm a little donation person. Partly due to my budget & partly because sometimes I feel, the little things get overlooked. I also like that my £5 can go towards making Kinergy counselling more accessible to people, not just in person but on line too. 

As one of Kinergy's ambassadors & feeling so proud to be one, I also like to invest in their amazing services that they offer. They invested in me when I needed their help, & it's something I will be truly grateful for. They were able to offer me a safe space to talk about things which are so incredibly hard to talk about 💜