27. Feb, 2021

Spring is springing 💜

Good Morning! Where I am today, it's frosty outside but I can also hear the birds chirping. I think that Spring is most definitely in the air. 

Not being able to do my Stretch & Roll classes in person due to Covid restrictions has proved challenging, but it has also helped me to be able to create some lovely Mellow Moments Mindfulness zoom sessions & these are just as lovely 💜 If you would like to book one of these, please let me know.

I am also doing a workshop involving the powers of poems & stories. These can be healing, therapeutic & the whole process can be inspiring! If you think this could help you, or if you have anxiety issues when speaking & would like to get involved in the workshop, again, please let me know 💜

We all need to be supportive of one another, to lift each other up when we need lifting up, & that's when the light really begins to shine 💜