5. Dec, 2020

Xmas thoughts & wishes 🎄

This is me 💙 it's a good representation 💙 I love quirkiness, I am content with my body shape & weight, it is what I need for this current phase of my life & I am grateful for that 💙 This is me 💙 I am always a little bit lop-sided, I'm not perfect, but I learn from my mistakes & I always put my 'all' into everything that I do 💙 This is me 💙 I have a twisted sense of humour but in a good way, I always try to lift spirits even when I'm feeling low myself 💙 This is me 💙 In your face, standing up for what I believe, with passion & always with good intentions, I get emotional, I am sensitive in nature but strong too, I wear my heart on my sleeve on occasion but my heart is kept most for the people in my life who mean the most 💙 This Xmas, give the gift of embracing who you are, flaws, superpowers, strive to do good, don't be too hard on yourself if you don't always make it, life is short, laugh, cry, be happy, be sad, learn to deal with frustration, pick yourself up when you fall down, lend a helping hand where you can 💙 Love who you are, all of you 💙