6. Nov, 2020

Arthur/Milo Time 🐾

I never thought I would end up having a dog as a pet, let alone have two dogs... But I do & my dogs are so much more than just pets. They are my family, they are my laughter and my tears, they are my cuddles & they remind me that just like they do, sometimes I need my own space.

They have taught me that it is ok to lick my wounds, that it is ok to chill out relaxing, that things are just things in the moment & then it's on to the next moment, that sometimes I need to be on my guard but other times it's ok to let my guard down, that I can sound & be fierce at times when I need to (even though on the inside I am a 'soppy' sentimental person), & that it is also ok to let my 'soppy' sentimental 'me' show on the outside too. They have taught me about boundaries & standing my ground, they have taught me jiu jitsu moves when they play together, they have joined in with me on the yoga mat, they have taught me that it's ok to ask for help, they have shown me so much & I will always be so grateful that I decided to let them into my life ❤️