22. Oct, 2020

*NEW Bedminster class* venue

I hope that you are all keeping safe & well in these uncertain times. It's partly because of this, that it's important for us to find a routine, whether it's an actual routine or the routine of not having a routine, or if it's a new routine or looking to rekindle an old routine 💜

The venue I have been using for the past few years to run my Knowle classes in, the lovely people who run it are still in the process of reorganising and fashioning their plans for fully reopening 💜 I will still be looking to run my Knowle class but for the time being, until the Healthy Living Centre venue fully reopens, my Thursday night class will be at the additional/new Bedminster venue.

The new venue again encompasses everything I wanted it to, a lovely calming room, ground floor, privacy, good access and amenities, everything to make my ladies feel safe, comfortable & able to relax & rejuvenate themselves for an hour 💜

With the Bedminster venue class now open for booking, and hopefully the Knowle class, currently closed, resuming at some point in the near future, it means that my classes will be even more accessible to the local community.

The new Bedminster venue: The Elephant House 💜