4. Sep, 2020

Please bear with me! 💜


I wanted to create something that was, is & feels accessible. I am just a normal person, except that we are all unique in our own way. I have good things that happen in my life and I have sad things that have happened too.

I wanted to break down the stereotype of a women's class teacher who has the perfect figure... Because I don't. I am 48 years old, I wear my wrinkles on my face to show I've lived and cried and laughed and worried. I have been slim, I have been not so slim, I have been anorexic, I have been overweight... All of my sizing has been depending on what has been happening in my life, but that's ok. I stopped giving myself a hard time about it a long while back. I've always been an active person, I walk to and from work, I go through periods of running, I have trained jiu jitsu myself so my weight and my build also reflects that. If I go a time where I am not quite as mobile, I know that I soon will be again. I do my mindfulness and routine exercise every day, that is a constant for me, it gives me the space that I need.

Find something you love that inspires you, every so often dip your toe into the water, spread your wings that little bit more. Shine bright ⭐