8. Mar, 2020

Did you say jiu jitsu??

This weekend from 2pm yesterday to 2pm today I took part in this 24 hour BJJ GrappleThon 😀 one of the hardest things I've done in the jiu jitsu so far, to keep going. I did over 24 rolls of lots of different times.. there was no bell timer so we just kept rolling until we couldn't roll any more. Some rolls were three to five minutes, some were for ten/fifteen minutes and some were longer than that! Not a lot of sleep, I now feel very sore, but it was worth it 😊 I got to roll with some amazing strong partners of lots of different styles and clubs and it was all for a good cause for which there is still time if you would like to donate... justgiving.com/team/grapplethon2020

Thank you Artemis for letting me join in with this 💜 the photo only shows a fraction of the brilliant people who turned up...