26. Feb, 2020

Love who you are today 💜

This photo collage means a lot to me. On the left the photo shows me as I am today and a picture frame can be seen clearly in the photo, a time of long ago when I was in a good place in my life. Before I was attacked. 

The photo in the middle still shows me as I am today, but a little brighter with the picture frame of who I once was disappearing more into the background. I lost who I used to be. Yes, I have found parts of her again, some parts still intact, some pieces not quite in the same place as before, but the change comes when you start to shine again and start to see the glow and the light.

The photo on the right is who I am today. I am no longer the girl in the picture frame even though I am still that girl in part. Instead though I am black and white and grey and able to be as colourful or not colourful as I choose to be each day.

That is when the magic really starts to happen ✨