16. Oct, 2019

The way to survive

This! When I was really ill with PTSD, in order to survive I needed to create various habits & things to do in order to survive, to help me go from one day to the next. Looking back on it now... I don't regret any of them. Why? Because if I hadn't of done that, I might not be here today. It's powerful stuff. Mental health is just as important as physical exercise going to the gym... PTSD never goes away completely, it's like grief, bereavement, the passing of a loved one. You learn to live with it, you learn how to move on, but it's always there waiting to catch you on a day when you are feeling a little bit low or even on a day when you think you are ok & then suddenly something happens to trigger a memory. So never underestimate all the weird things you might have to do to survive your trauma or whatever else it is you might be going through because it's got you where you are today 💜