13. Sep, 2019

Never Look Back

🙈So.. this morning when I was walking to work I saw a girl with a tattoo on the back of her neck.. it read "Never Look Back"... I'm pretty sure that it holds some special meaning or belief for her and I thought it looked really nice... I have tattoos of my own and I know how much thought I put into choosing what ones I wanted and why.

But... It did get me thinking!

Should we never look back? It's good to keep moving forward, to embrace change, or keep steadfast if steadfast is what's needed... But there are also times when we should look back.

Why? Because sometimes all we have are our memories... Of people, loved ones, special occasions, occasions that we have learnt from; because sometimes we need to see where we started to be able to really see how far we've come; because sometimes the answers don't always lie in the future, they lie in our past.

Philosophical thought for a Friday, that is fair to say.

Look back sometimes 💜