12. May, 2019

Judith Williams skincare review



I am trying Judith Williams skincare for a month, the first of several reviews 🌸 The set of skincare I have been sent consists of her Life Long Beauty range... I am in my forties so feel it is time to start looking a little more closely at how my skin is and what it is doing for me.

The products I have been testing are as follows:
Rose stem cell cleansing foam (& cute little face brush)
Rose stem cell serum
Rose stem cell face day cream
Rose stem cell eye cream
Rosa centifolia Neck & décolleté cream

First impressions... the packaging is very Pink, but it’s a sophisticated pink, & the smell from using all of the products is definitely one of roses 😊

I have not  tried a lot of wash cleansers over the years, i do tend to stick to one if I find it works for me but they do say that every so often your face needs a recharge from what it gets used to. So what do I think of the cleansing foam? It’s very light, in a pump dispenser bottle, and it’s an easy application on to the skin. You then have two choices... you can either decide to use your hands to wash your face & the cleansing foam covers well on your face, or you can use the cute little pink handled soft brush that was provided in the set. At first I thought why do I need this brush? I’ve not used one before for my cleanser, but when using it I have found that it serves to push the cleanser deeper into your face, which I am thinking can only be a good thing?

Next I applied the serum... a lot of people swear by serums, that to use one makes anything you put on afterwards work better & harder for you. Again the application is really smooth, another nice pump container bottle, only a little bit seems to come out & it’s quite a runny milky texture but I am guessing that a little bit goes a long way & that you don’t want the consistency to be too thick especially if you will be wanting to apply other products afterwards.

I followed this up with the day face cream. The consistency of this, in a little pot, is gloriously thick as you would expect from a pot of face cream. Again the application seems quite easy.

Eye cream goes on & I also take the opportunity of using some of this on some other areas of my face. I don’t smoke & I don’t drink (unless it’s a very special occasion) but I am in my forties so from time to time there are some other areas of my face that I would like to target! This does feel quite cooling & I am thinking that if I decided to keep it in the fridge, that the effect would be even more so.

Last but not least, I apply the Neck & décolleté cream. There appear to be rave reviews about all of JW neck & bust creams... that she really knows her ‘stuff’ when it comes to this area! The consistency is quite thick, I’m not too sure if it’s a really smooth application yet... but that is maybe because I’m not used to using this kind of cream. I might put the usual general body moisturiser on but that feels like a completely different application to just your neck & bust/décolleté.

How do I feel about using all of these products? Well, after applying them all, I am left with a cleansed, dewy, rosy glow & you can definitely tell that I have pampered my face (especially), I also have very sensitive skin & it hasn’t irritated my skin at all. It is quite a lot of steps for someone, me, who usually prefers a more ‘wash & go’ routine... I have a very busy lifestyle... but in this day & age where we are spending less & less time on ourselves, it is maybe a good thing for us to be investing more time in our skincare routines & taking longer with them... less screen time, more time for reflection, contemplation, mindfulness & loving ourselves. 

They say that beauty is skin deep... I think it goes a lot deeper than that 💜