6. Nov, 2018

You have the power inside of you ❤️

A few years ago I was in a bad place, I couldn't go out, I hid in bed all day, I was half the weight I am now... Mirrors, photos, making myself visible to people was a big 'no no', way out of my comfort zone. And then bit by bit I began to rebuild my life, to get my life back, it will never be the same as it was before I became ill, and sometimes when I have a really bad day I miss the 'old' me... But then I remember what I have overcome and the goals I set myself, and I am ok... With not being the 'old' me ❤️ a big part of who I am now is that although I still spend time behind a camera, pictures, photos are memories... I am now able once and while to step into the 'light' of the photo lens! And through that process I have discovered that we all have the power inside ourselves to transform, to become who we want to be, to create what we want to create... And I truly believe that that is a beautiful thing 🌈