14. Oct, 2018

Take time to remember

With everything that is going on in the World lately and even in our own lives, sometimes we lose track of who we are and what we've achieved and what our goals are. We should take time to remember that we are all unique, a little pampering on occasion does us good, a rest is better than to stop going completely (that's why I always include a rest section in my classes)... But none of us know what is going to happen to us or a loved one or a friend tomorrow or even later in the day... That's why we need to cherish every moment, make it count, make it special.

I've read so many things on Facebook recently reminding us of this, how ok so it's wise to look a little ahead, but not to save our beautiful shoes, our amazing blouses, our best coat for another day... Wear it now so you experience that feeling of contentment and joy!


Poppies... My homage to Remembrance Day for all those service men and women who died in the Wars, old and more recent, but also a homage to myself, for remembering how far I've come in my recovery from what I had happen. I have joy back in my life... And I'd like to hold on to it for as long as I can ❤️