1. Jul, 2018

Hyperfly and me

I don’t usually do reviews... unless of course it is something I feel very passionate about... but I have to say that I love Hyperfly Jiu jitsu gis...in fact.. I have loved every single one I have owned.

As a female, I could have gone for the female cut.. and they do them.. but, because of the trauma I had happen, and because of how my body shape is now, I find that a lot of female cut gis are cut too small in the arms and the shoulders and the chest, they don’t leave a lot of room, and I didn't want a gi that felt too restrictive. But.. at the same time.. I did want a gi that would fit me reasonably well... i think that is what drew me to Hyperfly in the first place... because there are not that many gi companies who offer an A0 size! 

But the other thing that made my mind up was the positive message Hyperfly conveys... quite simply that You can’t teach heart πŸ’œ Because it’s true.. you can learn and be taught many things but if you don’t feel the passion and you are not sincere in what you believe and in your values, then there is no love... no heart πŸ’œ

My gi collection is still going strong, they have lasted me many washes and my jiu jitsu rolls/grappling sessions and changes in belt... do I have a favourite? No, because I love them all in their own way with all of my heart! If anything has changed, I guess it would be that as a woman now in my 40s (!), I am finding myself increasingly drawn to the Hyperlite series of gis 😊... although I have to say that I am rather smitten with the Captain Americana one that I have seen...