20. Jan, 2018

Great Thursday session!

Well done to both Safia and Lucy this week. I tailor each class to suit the ladies who come in 💜 so when Safia said she wanted to go over a little bit of jiu jitsu, go over some of the basic positions, do a little bit of light rolling, I said yes, because that is also what I train and teach. Safia has done some jiu jitsu in the past. So we condensed down the Stretch & Roll workout routine for this particular week to give us some time to spend on the ground going over the jiu jitsu. Lucy has been coming into my class for a while now to do the Stretch & Roll but it was her first time with any jiu jitsu. Both ladies were brilliant and we had a laugh and a roll 🤗 jiu jitsu rolling is a fun way of exercising, working off those calories and learning some self defence 🧘 if you would like to book in for a class, please let me know.