17. Jan, 2018

*NEW* Shake & Roll Plans

I am now able to offer Shake & Roll Plans.. 💜

You can choose 1 month's worth of chocolate and/or vanilla powder shakes, or you can choose 4 month's worth of powder shakes, or you can select a 4 month mix of powder shakes & Berry capsules, or a 4 month supply of Berry capsules... 

All of these can help with toning, body awareness, keeping you fuller for longer, for energy, and for helping with healthy nails, hair and skin 💜


And every plan comes with a month or 4 months worth of Stretch & Roll exercise classes, either on a Wednesday or a Thursday or in your own home!


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Shake & Roll 🍒

If you would like to order/book a plan, please let me know which one you would like, together with your choice of evening for the Stretch & Roll class.