3. Jan, 2018

Going out of my own comfort zone...

My Stretch & Roll classes are not just about general fitness/exercise... they are also about building confidence and body awareness, mindfulness and relaxation. For some women, gaining confidence and body awareness is very much out of their comfort zone, and equally mindfulness and being able to relax are too. It could be due to circumstances, something negative that has happened, ill health, there are many reasons why.

You will know from having read this website that I have experienced PTSD... I was very ill for a long time... I became a very ‘insular’ person... at one point, I was terrified to go outside of my own front door and when the phone rang or anyone knocked at my house, I would become like a child. I would sit and hide. That was my comfort. 

But then one day it changed. Not in one day... But a little bit at a time. I knew I couldn’t keep doing that, I wanted to be able to go outside of my comfort zone, but knowing that I was the driving force behind it... that my comfort zone belonged to me, no-one else, and that it was me who got to choose whether I remained in it, and When and for how long I took a step outside.

Those steps involved me going back to work, stepping outside my house, having to face my fear of what had happened in case it happened again, starting to train in Jiu Jitsu, learning how to scuba dive (I am still learning! I have yet to face my worst fear with that).... and something else I have now achieved.... a couple of photo shoots.... These were very very much outside my comfort zone but considering at one time I could not do eye contact with people, being able to look at the camera was a very big thing.... Scuba, the Jiu Jitsu, finding my comfort zone so I know when I am outside of my comfort zone.... and my own Stretch & Roll classes have all helped... because yes, I do them too.... and so, I‘d like to share with you some of the photos from one of the photo shoots  I’ve done..... Photos that I am incredibly proud of.