8. Oct, 2017

This weekend!

So.. when I am not running my women's Stretch & Roll classes and MENTFITTZ classes, or teaching my children's classes, this is what I do.. I train Jiu Jitsu... Jiu Jitsu is good for fitness, it's good for exercise, it's good for teaching you how to remain calm in stressful situations/confined spaces, its a good de-stressing tool, and good for self protection/self defence. 

This is one of the photos of me in the open mat rolling session that I took part in this weekend ... I'm a co-founder of a community group of BJJ ladies in Bristol. Our aim is for every couple of months to hold an open mat session where all of us women can meet up, socialise, have a laugh and a roll, learn some moves, swap techniques etc.

Even if you have never done any BJJ in your life, if you're a woman and you have a Gi (uniform) and a belt, you can come train/join in with us at one of our community open mat rolling sessions. The next one planned will be in a month or so's time. You don't even need to belong to a club, as you can train Jiu Jitsu just for yourself. You would still be very welcome to join in with us. 

Please let me know if you would like to book a place at the next open mat rolling session in Bristol.