1. Jul, 2017


Thursday class was a great class this week for Megan! It started with my Stretch and roll workout routine now consigned the way it was intended to, to memory! Her body remembers the routine, her muscles remember, her mind remembers! Of course, I did also put in a few little tweaks here and there, just to keep her on her toes too!

But something I'm very proud of is how Megan felt confident enough to have a grapple Jiu Jitsu roll on the ground as part of the class. She went from first starting the class a few months ago to not really wanting to do that, the idea didn't appeal to her, to Megan on Thursday quite happily rolling on the ground, trying to get me onto my back, and trying to not let me get her onto her back. And being pulled and pushed around a bit too. For stamina, strength, self Defence, Confidence, exercise  ... oh my gosh ladies, it is such good exercise! The calories you could burn when you learn how to grapple roll, do Jiu Jitsu, and you come away from doing that knowing you've worked hard and feeling energized! 

So well done to Megan... I am delighted with her progress.. as well as her chats.. we have some good girly chats when we do our workout routine.

Also this week... I have started getting some Enquiries come through, asking about my 6 week session offer. Quite simply, it is £6 (£1 for 6 weeks payable on the first session) to have a go at my class (6 weeks and you will begin to notice the difference). If you would like to have a go at this, my 6 week challenge!... then please let me know.