16. Jun, 2017

Jiu Jitsu for women in a supportive environment

Learning how to cope on the ground is not just about being able to get yourself out of whatever position you might find yourself in if for some reason you end up on the ground. It's much more than that, because sometimes no matter what we try, we may still find ourself stuck... no, learning how to cope on the ground is about learning how and when to find the right moment to try to get up and away, it's about knowing what to try and how, and it's about learning how not to panic in a ground situation.

All my exercises that we do in the stretch and roll workout routine have been designed for general fitness, fun, confidence, and mobility. And for the ladies in my Thursday class, with there being the option for the ladies who want to, to have a go at learning some Jiu Jitsu. 

But you can also book my 10 sessions Jiu Jitsu package. Ideal for if you just want to learn the Jiu Jitsu, or maybe you would prefer to learn it privately, or even for the ladies who have already started doing/are already training the Jiu Jitsu but who would like to come try it out in a different environment.

For details of that, please email/text me.