9. Jun, 2017

Classes & one-to-one sessions

My Thursday class is in the dance studio room every week 🙂

7.30-8.30pm at the Healthy Living Centre, Knowle West Health Park.

One-to-one coaching sessions are also available to book.

What can my classes and coaching sessions do for you? Here is a list of just some of the things(!): Toning exercise, strength & stamina, stretch, posture, mobility, general fitness, build confidence & self esteem, endurance, mindfulness, focus, balance, body awareness, situational awareness, self defence: how to cope & protect yourself on the ground, supportive environment

All the exercises are adaptable: from relaxed movements to high intensity, and the sessions/classes are friendly & fun 🤸

Please contact me for further details if you are interested in booking a class or a private session...