24. Apr, 2017

Happy Monday!

1) because I have had my scuba lesson today :) I am still learning... officially now the longest student my instructor has had on the course, because of how I need to learn it.. but it is amazing... for all trauma survivors out there, if you are looking for something a little bit different than therapy, outside of the box, please give scuba a go. It only needs to be one lesson for one hour a month.. but you will be surprised what a difference it makes. I was scared when I was first started, had a lot of bad moments, that's even before I got in the pool! But for panic attacks and breathing, and being in the moment, mindfulness, stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, eye contact, trust... and that's not even taking into account the normal skills that scuba teaches you, it can make the World of difference. And as a bonus, it's somewhere that I can also apply some of my jiu Jitsu skills... strange I might say that but true! I had to do my divers tow this morning, my grips came in handy, and when I felt myself going up through the water and I needed to change direction, bring myself back down to a good level, I changed my angle, I remembered my Jiu Jitsu instructor telling me, wherever your head goes your body will follow! :) If you follow that same train of thought, then that is true on so many levels. Not just in the pool or in Jiu Jitsu. If your mind is calm, your body will be calm too. If your head and mind stresses less then your body will be less stressed :)

2) Today I am the proud owner of a new pair of Irregular Choice shoes 💜 For a long time i did not feel very feminine at all, I struggled a lot in trying to find who I was again... and then I found an amazing pair of shoes that I bought and put on and I thought WOW! And so my one pair of shoes has now grown into a lovely little collection! Of shoes that I wear just for me :)