23. Apr, 2017

How do I spend my Saturdays?

... so, a little more info about me... in case you are wondering! Well, my Saturdays (mornings) are spent teaching two children's classes at a local gym: one for 7 - 14 year olds: an hour of BJJ. It never fails to impress me how well mannered and respectful these children are, how eager they are to learn, how they listen to what they are being told and shown, and just how much they have improved by practising their skills and drills each week.

And straight after, there is an hour for the younger children: the 2 - 6 year olds, who again are an absolute joy to teach, The younger class is a mixture of 'Jiu Jitsu time (skills & drills) & yoga play movement games. What is so incredible about this class is that children as young as two are learning how to do side control and mount and framing and hooks and learning that you are not going to be able to be on top in everything, sometimes you are going to find yourself on the bottom, and that there are winners and there are losers! These children are naturals at ground work, with being on the ground - they also have resilience. When they fall over, they get straight back up again! - Things that as we get older we forget and then, as adults, we end up going to classes to try and relearn all of that. So, my view, is that it makes sense to keep those 2 year olds, the little ones going with it all so they never forget it when they turn into adults themselves :)

A couple of years ago, if someone would have told me that I would be teaching children's classes, I would have laughed my socks off! (I would have hid away at just the thought of it). For as a trauma survivor, which I am, afterwards even the smallest of things seem impossible but that's what makes my own personal journey so incredible for me.. I am keeping myself fit, lots of BJJ, putting myself back into an environment which can sometimes be challenging and triggering, I have been able to design and run my own women's classes, my Thursday night classes - something I am very very passionate about, and I also get to teach children, the next generation! That makes me realise just how lucky I am 💜