16. Dec, 2016

Two bits of news this week ....

so Wednesday, I decided to pay a visit to Artemis BJJ for one of their jiu Jitsu classes 🙂.. in case you don't know - my women's yoga keep fit movement jiu Jitsu class which is held on a Thursday evening at The Healthy Living Centre, Knowle, is being run in association with Artemis BJJ, who offer both mixed week classes and also women only BJJ classes. It was my second visit there and I enjoyed it a lot. I train with Checkmat BJJ as well, but every class you go to, whichever club it is, I believe you learn and can take something from. And Artemis BJJ did not disappoint. They are friendly, welcome new people and they have a pretty decent amount of women of all ages who train there. 

If you are a woman and looking to do jiu jitsu, you can either come along to one of my women's classes on a Thursday evening or you can maybe check out Artemis BJJ. They are in town, not far from Cabot Circus, Bristol. 

My one piece of advice would be, if you are thinking of joining a jiu Jitsu club, is maybe try a few different places, as a club that might suit one person might not suit someone else... and you obviously want to be comfortable with the club you choose... after all, you will end up getting rather 'cosy' with their mats!!! 🙂


Which brngs me on to my second bit of news... my Thursday class. This week we did standing warm up stretches and movement, a bit of pad work, and then gradually made our way to the ground. Working our way through with a wide variety of music playing. 

A lot of movement and mobility is about timing. So what better way to work on this than to vary our speed and response in time with some music 🙂