Wellness Plans

 💜 Please get in touch/send me a message if you would like do a Plan/would like further information


For Local Ladies:

£3 for one class session

£6 for a set of 6 class sessions

10 week session plans


For Ladies not so local:

16 week on line session plan

Wellness & Feeling Good Plans

Welcome to my Wellness & Feeling Good Page.. all about helping you to feel good about yourself. Feeling good & Wellness is about fun, fitness, Health, vitality, energy, learning to love & accept who you are & about positive change for the things you would like to change. It’s about small steps that lead to giant incredible moments... goals for achieving... embrace the magic 💫

If you would like to join my Wellness group, then you can either email me or send me a message. 

Pamper Massage Sessions

Coconut & Lime Pamper Relaxation De-stress Massage sessions available to book 💜

Cupcakes - Food for the soul!

Delicious, scrummy cupcakes... made to order.. Food for the soul.. because we all need a cupcake in our life sometimes 🧁

Body Shop at home

If anyone would like a Body Shop at home party, please let me know!