Price list

Thursday Class:

£3.00 per session - Pay as you go

6 week session offer - (payment to be made on first session) - £6

10 week session offer - (payment to be made on first session)

1 month Wellness Plan

2 month Wellness Plan

3 month Wellness Plan

4 month/16 weeks Wellness Plan


For prices of Wellness Plans, please message me for details






Fundraising - stretch & roll party sessions

£5.00 per lady - half of the total collected for the stretch & roll party session will be paid back to the school PTA/charity/organisation towards your fundraising total.


HEN PARTIES/PAMPER-GIRLS NIGHT IN sessions - price on enquiry


Mobile classes

In your own home - please ask for details of prices etc.,


MENTFITTZ workout (home based)

The MENTFITTZ workout is a different workout to the Stretch & Roll, again however this is combining mental health with physical exercise - please ask for details of prices etc.,


Empowerment course - available as 1-2-1 sessions and small group sessions - price on enquiry




PayPal.Me link: 


Polite Notice:If paying in class or in session, please try to bring the correct amount of change, thank you 😊 


*NEW* Wellness Plans are now also available ... for Ladies & Gents.... choose either a 4/8/12/16 week plan... this is an on line plan with on line support, some lovely recipes, exercise/training tips & workouts, & includes local classes for any women who live local to where I am based 💜