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16. Jul, 2020

I love this ❤️

4. Jul, 2020

This Saturday has been a mixture of workout routine done to some lovely music, and doing some session planning for a lovely local lady ... all dressed in one of my vintage style jumpers and with a flower in my hair 🌺

3. Jul, 2020

I am so pleased to be able to add a Community Hub to my website 😊 Take a look at the lovely Moorparks Holiday Cottages in North Devon, which are available to book.

29. Jun, 2020

Wellness Plans available... One month at a time, full of loveliness 💜 You get to choose your plan. For more details of the plans available, please email/send a message 🌈

28. Jun, 2020

Take a selfie & experiment with a colour app... Let the rainbow in 🌈