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15. Mar, 2018

And we can already see the difference. 

What did Hayley notice? “The session was lovely. It felt a lot more free flowing... looking forward to the next one”

And what did I notice? Hayley was much more relaxed, and some of the movements are now officially her own πŸ€—

Stretch & roll exercise is about learning to work with your own body, a little bit of mindfulness - concentration, and lots of laughing and chatting if you would like too ! πŸ˜€

11. Mar, 2018

My exercise workout has been designed in such a way that you might not think you are exercising very much, when in fact you are πŸ˜‰ as Sarah soon found out. I asked her what she thought of this week‘s Class... it was good, she said, she enjoyed it... and she also mentioned how her arms were a little bit ‘achy’ the next day! 

If you would like to see what my classes can do for you, then why not try the 6-week challenge for yourself, at a special discounted price πŸ’œ

7. Mar, 2018

My 3rd lady to take on the 6-week class/ session challenge. Merna didn't quite know what to expect with the Stretch & Roll exercise but after her first session, she had this to say....

6. Mar, 2018

Last night was Hayley's second session... Some relaxing tunes, a couple of faster-paced ones, a total body exercise workout, and a whole lot of chatting, laughing and relaxation/ mindfulness & focus going on too. 


I think the picture on this blog sums up how well I thought Hayley did last night ☺️

3. Mar, 2018

Already, I have 2 orders for the latest set of illustrated mugs... I have an order for one of each design ☺️... All mugs can be personalised! ... Please see my Gift Shop page for details πŸ’œ