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13. Dec, 2018

Self protection starts by looking in the mirror, it starts with you.... Not with martial arts or weights or any of those kinds of things... I'm not saying that they don't have their place, and the more fit you are, the more healthy you are, the more able you will be to protect defend yourself... But there is so much more to self protection that gets overlooked or deemed as not important when actually it forms the very basic foundation for a good self protect model.

Do you have what it takes to keep going? When it gets tough and rough? When your arms feel tired and your legs feel they might give out? Do you know how to breathe or are you gasping for breath?

Can you recognise what is normal in your body and your own character and immediate surroundings? Can you balance and move and walk so you can go on to run?

Do you know how to really listen to your body to know your strengths and weaknesses? Do you know how to really listen to your body to know what part of you is ok in any given moment and what is not ok?

Do you know how to zone out if you need to, If you have to choose this to protect yourself and get yourself home again from what might be a really bad situation?

Do you know how to watch and study your body enough by doing mirror work so that you can use this if needed in that same situation?

Do you get the chance to exercise either in your gym clothes or in your work office clothes? Do you get that choice? In my classes you do (I think it's important on a self protection level).

Stretch & roll dance exercise is not just stretch & roll dance exercise... The classes and sessions have been specifically put together for empowerment and self protection as well as for general exercise... Whether that be in respect of a bad day in the office, needing somewhere to let off some steam and de-stress, or addressing issues of sexual abuse, trauma, domestic violence and other such issues, or to keep mobile and just have some fitness fun.

Small private group and even 1-2-1 sessions ... If you keep going with them you will notice a change. It starts little at first a spark and then suddenly it's like wow!  

If you would like to work on the new you in January, please get in touch... Empowerment and self protection takes time, it is something that evolves... Are you up for the challenge?!

12. Dec, 2018

Empowerment is knowing how to move. It's about being able to listen and recognise your own body, physically and mentally. It's about being able to zone out when you need to, to be able to practice mindfulness, and also about being able to be in the moment. Empowerment is about being able to adapt, to go at a pace that suits you and to not worry about what other people are doing. Empowerment is about balance, strength inner and outer, about being able to persevere and to not give up when things start to get difficult. It's about relaxation and comfort zones in and out of, empowerment is about learning to walk so you can run (if you need/want to). Empowerment is about empathy, the power you possess in yourself, mental and physical exercise, empowerment is about learning to love and respect yourself, empowerment is about feeling comfortable to be you 💛 6/10 week session courses available for stretch & roll dance exercise, individual sessions, empowerment/self protection courses... Start the New Year by becoming a New You ...

6. Dec, 2018

to Laurie & Jude in class tonight... Session no.6 🥰

4. Dec, 2018

Vintage inspired glasses can be ordered through the link on the new Retropeepers page 🥂 

2. Dec, 2018

to Vicky, session 15! And doing amazing 🥰