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30. Mar, 2020

There are some days where we will feel like we are being stretched beyond our limits... This is when we just need to remember to breathe 💜

20. Mar, 2020

For any of my ladies who are remote working, social distancing, self isolating, & indeed for anyone, male or female, some of this time it's important to use for rest, to replenish, to nurture, it's also important to keep ourselves moving even if it is just a little bit, joints, muscles, mind & body 💜 if anyone needs a gentle short workout routine in your own home, please let me know as I can arrange that for you 💜

19. Mar, 2020

I have some fabulous ladies in my class. This evening's session was the last one for a little while. Due to the coronavirus, the Healthy Living Centre will be temporarily closing. We hope to be back soon & I shall miss seeing you all.

Lyn & Barb, two of my regular ladies who came in tonight, you claimed your space, danced to the music & you were both fantasic 💜

12. Mar, 2020

Alternative workout routine time for my lovely ladies in class tonight 💜