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15. Aug, 2019

Lovely Stretch & Roll exercise class for the soul 😄... They are a total body workout & keep the circulation going! But they also help to calm the mind & allow you to re-focus 🧘

7. Aug, 2019

You have the option when you do my classes of going on to learn some foundation moves, the basics in jiu jitsu. Just by learning this you will be exercising and getting fit! As well as picking up some other useful skills!

4. Aug, 2019

Every First Sunday of the month I run a kids' version of my Ladies stretch & roll dance exercise class... It's one that adults, mums & dads, can join in with too ... Today was the session for August 🤗

1. Aug, 2019

Well done to the four lovely ladies in class tonight... You were awesome!

11. Jul, 2019